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Стало известно о переданных принцу Чарльзу три миллионах евро от премьера Катара

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Умер актер Юрий Горобец

Умер народный артист России Юрий Горобец, сообщили в московском театре имени ...

В США оценили последствия эмбарго на золото из России

Экономист Питер Шифф оценил решение президента США Джо Байдена наложить эмбарго ...

The winners of the Grand finale of SUNS EUROPE 2016 on the 3rd of December were Steso (Faer Oer) and Veronika Ucholik (Chukotka).
Автор: commonworld1 от 16-12-2016, 02:38

The winners of the Grand finale of SUNS EUROPE 2016 on the 3rd of December were Steso (Faer Oer) and Veronika Ucholik (Chukotka). The Festival found its perfect conclusion in the colourful and exciting night of the 3rd of December. On the stage of the crowded theatre "Teatro nuovo Giovanni da Udine”, the ten competitors for the final prize – the hip hop group form Far Oer Steso, the Galitian band Familia Caamagno, the Breton rocker Brieg Guerveno, the Siberian performer Gurude, the comedian Rory McGrath, the Frisian singer and songwriter Norma, the young Ladin hard rock quartet Berdon from Fassa Valley, besides the forementioned Doro Gjat, Imlé e Veronika Usholik – presented their musical creations. It was a mix of sounds, music, rythms and styles. The show was topped by the brilliant performance of the two hosts – the Friulian-Slovenian couple Renato Rinaldi and Karolina Cernic – and by the live painting by Cosimo Miorelli, also graphic designer of the poster of Suns Europe, who charactierised in visual terms the performance of each group or soloist on the screen beyond the stage.
After the show, the public and the judging panel had the task to choose the winners of the music competiton. And in both cases it was not an easy one, given the variety and the high quality level of the performances. The panel of experts awarded the final prize to Steso, «for their voices, sharp as electric razors, yet sweet and inspiring; for the sounds, as deep as oceans, and the distant atmospheres, and the warmth they brought to Udine from their northern lands». The popular vote went to the expressive power and the vocal talent of Veronika Usholik, while the other two podium positions went to Gurude and Berdon. http://www.sunseurope.com/winners-suns-europe-2016/

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